About MBT

Dr. Merlin B. Thompson

Authentic Music Teaching — Teacher Consultant — Forward Thinker

  • 40+ years music studio teaching experience
  • Private home studio & Conservatory teaching
  • Workshops, institutes, conferences, mentorships
  • Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Japan, Great Britain, Spain
  • Teaching hundreds of children, parents, and teachers
  • Music pedagogy instructor at the Schulich School of Music (McGill University)
  • Instructor and mentor in the Werklund School of Education (U Calgary)


  • PhD,  Education, University of Calgary
  • Maître ès Arts, Musicologie, Université de Montréal
  • Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance, University of Regina
  • Suzuki Piano Teacher Graduate, Talent Education Institute, Matsumoto, Japan

Areas of Expertise

  • Music studio teaching
  • Music teacher professional development
  • Piano pedagogy
  • Piano technique
  • Suzuki Piano Method
  • Keynote speaker
  • Online, in-person instruction

Dr.  Merlin B. Thompson is an engaging and inspiring piano teacher whose commitment to excellence means continually challenging himself to better understand and develop personal, memorable, productive, and enjoyable music education strategies.

With students, his dedication is abundantly evident in meaningful lifelong musical journeys that have immense value no matter what direction students decide to take.

For music teachers, his creativity and willingness to push boundaries means teachers come away with skills, knowledge, and insights to transform all levels of teaching.

MBT short bio