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Expand Your Expertise with Professional Development

With more than 40 years experience as mentor, guide, and resource for music teachers across Canada, USA, Australia, China, New Zealand, Brazil, Great Britain, Spain, and Japan, my goal is to enhance and expand music teachers’ professional expertise with forward-thinking programs.

The following professional development options are designed to meet your individual instructional needs. Your investment and commitment may impact your teaching and your students for a lifetime.

Why Enhance & Expand Music Teachers’ Professional Expertise?

Whether you’re an experienced or new music teacher, you’ve probably noticed things aren’t the same as they were ten years ago. A major educational paradigm shift is taking place. Now, music teachers are more than founts of knowledge who generously pass on their musical skills and knowledge to students. Today’s music teachers provide music instruction that resonates with the musical interests and needs of our communities. We embrace instructional strategies and processes that fulfill the diversity of individual, cultural, and social ambitions students bring to their musical journeys.

To enhance and expand music teachers’ expertise, I welcome teachers into forward- thinking explorations that build on yet go beyond their current teaching approach. It’s not about throwing out what teachers already know. It’s about exploring instructional perspectives that resonate with the dynamic era of music instruction upon us. I encourage music teachers to approach teaching from a reflective perspective, to incorporate current research-based information on how people learn, and recognize the benefits of prioritizing students’ learning needs alongside curriculum requirements. We’ve entered an exciting era of music instruction!

For more on the philosophy and practicalities that underscore my teaching approach, be sure to check out my webinars, podcasts, blog, and video material.