MBT Music Teaching

Music is my constant. Teaching is my forte.

I create musical explorations that build and exercise students‘ capacity for lifelong music making.

I help music teachers expand their music teaching expertise with strategies that work.

I use creativity, meaningful challenges, and thinking outside the box as major drivers for inspiring music teachers and students.

I pull it all together with current research from neuroscience, motivation, teaching/learning, and communication.

Course Feedback from John (BMus student McGill University) - "Dr. Thompson completely changed my perspective of music pedagogy. I came into his class with pre-conceptions about good teaching which his course challenged. I come away from the course embracing almost contrary opinions to what I had held before, recognizing the logic and more desirable philosophies that underlie his counter model. If more young teachers could be exposed to the ideas of Dr. Thompson, the new generation of students (and other people with whom we have personal relationships) would benefit enormously.”