Fundamentals of Piano Pedagogy: Fuelling Authentic Student Musicians from the Beginning 
How can piano teachers successfully foster student participation and growth from the outset? How can teachers prepare and sustain their influential work with beginner student musicians? This book presents answers to these questions by making important connections with current music education research, masters of the performance world, music philosophers, and the author’s 30-year career as a piano pedagogy instructor in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Fundamentals  invites music studio teachers into a multilayered ear-before-eye pedagogic approach that fuels the flourishing of independent and authentic student musicians right from the very beginning. Topics include: our relation with music, independence, authenticity, what music learning looks like, what music teaching looks like, teaching the student, piano tone and technique, and taking parents into consideration.

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The Five Treasures (fiction)
When Rebekka tries to solve the Wise Woman’s riddle and fails miserably, she quickly realizes she has a lot to learn. Somehow, she must master the Five Treasures—her body, heart, mind, gut, and soul—before she may try to solve the riddle a second time. But the journey she travels is full of the unexpected—musicians, loud-mouthed raccoons, bejeweled fish, a school for flowers, swans who can’t fly, a quarrelsome paintbrush and paint—and, in the end there is no guarantee that completing the Five Treasures will give her the wisdom she desperately needs.