Times Have Changed Music Teaching

Expand your music teaching expertise with programs that meet your needs.

1. Times Have Changed Music Teaching Professional Development Seminars

This four-session series examines what’s involved in creating a successful music learning environment for all students – no matter the directions they want to take.

For all genres of music teachers: vocal/instrumental, online, in-person, exam-based. Suzuki, traditional, ear-based.

Whether you’re a new or experienced teacher, this seminar series will have a noticeable impact on your role as music teacher.

Explore ground-breaking strategies from education, psychology, communication, motivation, and more.

#1 - Feb. 2023 TBA
#2 - March 2023 TBA
#3 - April 2023 TBA
#4 - May 2023 TBA


Seminar #1 – Basic Teaching Strategies

Seminar #2 – Reflective Partnership Teaching

Seminar #3 – Curriculum Models

Seminar #4 More Essentials – Learning & Practicing

2. Times Have Changed Music Teaching Foundations Course

This course will begin July 2023.

"In all of the teacher development courses I have taken with Dr. Thompson, I have left feeling challenged, inspired, and always closer to knowing my own deeper understanding of my teaching style and relationship with my students." Joshua, piano teacher, Calgary, AB.
"Dr. Thompson is one of the most thorough teachers I have ever encountered. I have been teaching on and off for 20 years, but found Dr. Thompson to be a wealth of knowledge and I have been consistently applying the skills I garnered from his workshops." Annaliese, piano teacher, Boston, MA.