Times have Changed

Music teachers — Have you noticed? Times have changed. Things look differently to what they were five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years or more. But what exactly are we referring to when we say – Times have Changed? Is it technology? Is it institutions? What about people?

What I find remarkable is how the context of our everyday lives is a major driving force for change across multiple interests, generations, and geography. Context, whether it’s visible or invisible, provides the impetus for imaginative and courageous thinking. Context serves as the anchor and inspiration to support, sustain, and empower meaningful teaching and learning. While context may move music teachers to be highly creative and adaptive, they may also be highly cautious and inflexible. Yet, there’s no need for teachers to get stuck in a rut. Teachers can reinvent what we do. We can revitalize learning. We can make sensitive adjustments to our teaching that reflect how Times have Changed.

Check out the following brief essays written especially for music teachers to find out more about how Times have Changed. Enjoy!

Part 1: Two Questions

Part 2: Practicing & Learning Processes

Part 3: Music In Our Lives

Part 4: Social Movements

Part 5: Curriculum Models

Part 6: Reflective Partnership Teaching