Podcasts from The Music Educator’s Crucible —

Podcast #8 Learning as Living Network (transcript)Learning as Living Network includes: Forgetting, Revisiting, Confusion, Plateau, Letting Go, Refinement, and Internalization.

Podcast #7 A Music Teacher’s Testament (transcript)Poetic verse gives voice to the dailyness of what music teachers do. 

Podcast#6 Technique On A Universal Scale  (transcript)Technique On A Universal Scale incorporates explorations involving Your Core, Your Energy, and Your Breathing.

Podcast #5 Life Skills Meet Love of Music (transcript)A three-decade journey into Life Skills & Love of Music. Arthur Costa & Bena Kallick’s 16 Habits of Mind provide a framework for instrumental and vocal instruction.

16 Habits of Mind  &  Life Skills CardsTemplate

Podcast #4 Versatile Music Teacher (transcript)Versatile Music Teachers use the following strategies: Lead, Follow, Advocate, Challenge, Resources, Get out of the Way, a Grip on Fear, & Reflection.

Podcast #3 How to Guide Students’ Practicing (transcript)Explore practicing through research by Ericsson (deliberate practice), Deci & Ryan (self-determination theory), and Csikszentmihalyi (flow).

Podcast #2 Philosophy of Music Teaching (transcript)Two guiding principles – Structured Excellence & Interruptive Messiness – provide anchors and fuel for a dynamic Philosophy of Music Teaching.

Podcast #1 A Matter of Chemistry (transcript)Understanding, Acceptance, Care, Acceptable Tensions, & Authenticity – Five dynamics that help music teachers get the chemistry right with their students.